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Designer Radiators

In addition to being super energy-efficient and aesthetically pleasing, designer radiators are an asset to every home and hugely enhance the ambience of any room.

Today’s radiators are not the form-over-function necessities that they once were, and you no longer have to worry about how to make them “invisible” in your home. Designer radiators are now regarded as a luxurious accessory. This new design concept has turned this heating appliance into an important decorative piece in our homes, and you can now use them to add style to your living space.

These days, the main source of warmth in our home takes an incredible variety of innovative forms and shapes.

Where previously home-owners chose radiators based on practicality, now we have the option to choose the one which best suits the style of our homes or even use them to create a main focal point within each room.

Gillies Technical Services provide and install a wide range of radiators including column, vertical and flat panel, in a variety of styles and colours.

Naturally, the range of towel rails we have on offer have also become an integral part of our customers’ modern and stylish bathrooms.

So from Hot-Boxes to Glass Radiators, polished wall-mounted or floor-standing, bench-seating designs and custom-built bespoke versions – We Love your Boiler can provide possibly the largest range of designer radiators in the country. A myriad of colours and designs await you in both traditional and contemporary styles – an eclectic collection to suit every taste and mood.

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