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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is a modern and high-spec feature, allowing you to enjoy the luxury of warm floors during those nippy Scottish mornings and can offer an alternative to using radiators to deliver central heating, Whilst also providing a good selling point to push up your property’s resale price.

A large system can do away with the need for bulky radiators, offering extra space and a clean decorative finish. Even better news is that they can sit beneath stone, tile, wooden or even carpeted surfaces.

Underfloor heating is no longer an expensive luxury but an economical and highly efficient way to heat your home or workplace. It has been proven that energy savings of 15-50% can be achieved with underfloor heating depending on the application.

Why choose underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating is the most comfortable form of heating because it is largely radiant, it provides a near perfect temperature profile throughout each room with no hot or cold spots and eliminates dust laden draughts.

Radiators rapidly heat the area immediately around it, with the heat rising and slowly distributing around the rest of the room. An underfloor system heats a larger surface area from the floor upwards at a lower temperature, resulting in a more consistent temperature.  So if you want a heating system that:

  • Provides warm and cosy stone and tile floors
  • Can replace radiators in a room, freeing up wall and floor space with a high end finish
  • Has lots of flexible options available, covering different flooring types
  • Is possible to install in a new-build or retrospectively

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